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Sep 6-9 Intro + Drawing

  • Tue - Welcome to TDJ3M - Introductions
    • This site will serve as our course guide. (30 minute class today)
      • Our Motto: "I hear, I forget. I see, I understand. I do, I remember."
      • Ready. Fire. Aim.
      • General Concept: Design + Build. [RPPR] - research, plan, procedure, reflect.
    • Course Outline
    • Introductory Questionnaire
    • Requirements:
    • Computer User ID and Password. USB?
    • Binder, Pen and Paper
    • A good attitude!

  • Wed - Orthographic and Isometric Drawing
  • Thu - Orthographic drawing
  • Fri - Our First project - Lets get startedOrthographic Drawing practice - picking a scale, placing the views, mitre line, dimensioning
    • Exercises -Making plans- drawings
      • Please complete an orthographic drawing of this toolbox (to scale, dimensioned) see here:
      • Toolbox project
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Sep 12-16 Portfolios - Toolboxes

  • Mon - Computer Use
    • Please bookmark this page in Chrome (your browser) 11_Class Agenda
      • Create your portfolio website in Google Docs at JMSS
      • Use the TD3M template ONLY! - Please Do NOT apply a theme!
      • Setup a shell for your projects (Toolbox Project 1 - Research, Design, Procedure, Reflection)
    • Continue work on your Toolbox drawings
  • Tue - Toolbox Drawings - Please continue (These are due Thursday)
    • Please Send me the URL of your web portfolio so I can link it to our class page
  • Wed - Continue work on the Toolbox project
    • Continue Toolbox drawings (First by hand and then using Inventor)
  • Thu - Inventor Tutorial (.ipt's, .iam's, etc.) for those new to Tech
    • Continue Toolbox project
    • design on Inventor when you have handed in your hand drawing
  • Fri - Continue Toolbox designs
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Sep 19-23 Safety 1

  • Mon - General Safety
    • Toolbox drawings and designs (Inventor) due Monday next week - You will need to bring in an old broom handle or hardwood branch (aim for straight and at least 1 1/2 " diameter at the smallest end; length 3' (36") minimum.
      • Our Safety test will be next Tuesday - You need an 85% to be able to work in the shop. If not, you rewrite. ONLY your original score is counted in your mark. Each additional rewrite lowers your mark 10%.
      • Please make a folder in your portfolio for safety notes - Type up 10 rules specific to each machine following our lesson or demo.
    • Safety First - Watch this
    • General Safety
    • Sanders (Disc\Belt\Spindle)
  • Tue - Band Saw and Drill Press Safety
  • Wed - Planer and Jointer Safety -
  • Thu - Safety - Mitre Saw, Scroll Saw and Router
    • Safety videos
    • Safety - Let's watch some video. demos to follow
  • Fri - Safety Re-cap (general, Band saw, drill press, planer and jointer, mitre saw, scroll saw and Router)
    • Finish Toolbox drawings for Monday
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Sep 26-30 Safety 2

  • Mon - Safety Review - Toolbox drawings due today on the portfolio
  • Tue - Safety Test
    • Work on designs after test
  • Wed - Safety retest
  • Thu - Construction? Return tests. All plans complete??
    • Continue toolbox design drawings and portfolios
    • Toolbox design and posting to portfolio
  • Fri - Toolbox construction and design
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Oct 3-7 Toolbox 1

  • Mon - Toolbox construction and design
    • Portfolio checks - If you are in the shop, I'm assuming your portfolio is ready to mark (except the reflection)
    • Hand drawn Toolbox designs are now due. Please be sure they are at the front of the room
    • Please look at your design - What are the critical cuts? How will you attach the modifications? Ask if you're unsure. This class is called DESIGN tech for a reason.
      • What can you leave as a rough cut, to be sized "EXACTLY" when it's time to install it?
      • Use the wood wisely! For example, use the smallest piece you can to get the dimensions you need.
      • For example, don't start with a 1 1/4" thick piece of pine and plane it down to 1/2" - This wastes 60% of the wood volume. Instead, use a piece of 1/2 material to start with.
      • How could you accomplish the same thing, with less wood?
      • Clean-up - Don't even think about thinking about leaving the shop when I yell "Clean-up". Every one cleans up - not only your parts and mess, but everyone elses. Those caught leaving will clean the entire shop themselves for a week.
      • Safety - If you have not used the tablesaw- Please get me to help you until we're both comfortable using it. You must press DOWN and RIGHT. NEVER take your hands off the piece you are sawing when it is on the table!!!!
      • Haste, rushing and impatience: Woodworking is a discipline which requires putting off immediate gratification. Build it right; Build it once. There will be times when you have to wait for me; Please get used to it. I'm not ignoring you, but probably helping someone else.
      • Dust Collector - the DC must be on as well as the Vents open - Please check this - Otherwise the machines clog and the DC does nothing
  • Tue - Toolbox construction
  • Wed - Toolbox construction
  • Thu - Toolbox construction
  • Fri - PA Day - Don't come to school :)
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Oct 10-14 Toolbox 2

  • Mon - Thanksgiving
  • Tue - Toolbox construction continues
  • Wed - Toolbox Construction continues
    • Cutting Sandpaper
  • Thu - Toolbox Construction continues
  • Fri - Toolbox Construction continues

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Oct 17-21 Toolbox 3

  • Mon - Toolbox construction
  • Tue - Toolbox construction
  • Wed - Toolbox construction
  • Thu - Toolbox construction
  • Fri - Toolbox construction wraps up
    • If finished, please edit your portfolio; Add a photo of your finished box and your reflections
    • Make sure your other pages are complete (design, research etc...)
    • Tue - Last day for Toolboxes in the shop
    • Toolboxes due today - end of class
    • When finished, please put on the mezanine table with your name pencilled in
    • Reflections, reflections, reflections...! please complete on portfolio
    • Finished toolboxes go upstairs on the mezzanine table
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Oct 24-28 Treasure box

  • Mon - Begin the Designs of Treasure Box project
    • See here Treasure box
    • You should read the description, study the example Treasure Box in the class room, and begin drawing in Inventor.
    • You may want to name and measure all the parts by hand on a sheet of paper before drawing in Inventor
      • Describe the construction process and joinery ( half-lap, hinges, gables,...)
      • Create the portfolio pages
      • Begin Designing (Inventor)
      • Carefully consider the procedure list and construction process
  • Tue - Treasure Box design
  • Wed - Treasure Box design
  • Thu - Treasure Box design
  • Fri - Treasure Box design
    • When your Research, design and Procedure page are complete on your portfolio, you may begin
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Oct 31-Nov 4 Treasure Box 2

  • Mon -Treasure box design
  • Tue - Treasure box design
  • Wed - Treasure box design
  • Thu - Treasure box design
  • Fri - Treasure Box design and\or construction
    • Construction should begin next week as long as designs are complete and on the web
    • Don't forget the research and procedure list!
    • Portfolios Due Monday - End of class
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Nov 7-11 Treasure Box 3

  • Mon - Treasure box finishing design & construction
    • Drawings and Portfolio are due for the Treasure Box today! - End of Class
      • Research, designs (Inventor) and procedure list
    • half-lap tutorial (dado saw) Let's watch this 6:00min video
    • Tool box wrap up - return and go over portfolios - exemplars - Great work!
  • Tue - Treasure box construction begins -
    • Cut list required for All parts - Length x width x thickness
  • Wed - Treasure box construction
  • Thu - Treasure box construction
  • Fri - Treasure box construction
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Nov 14-18 Treasure Box 4

  • Mon - Treasure Box construction
  • Tue - Treasure Box construction
  • Wed - Treasure Box construction
  • Thu - Treasure Box construction
  • Fri - PD day
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Nov 21-25 Treasure Box 5

  • Mon - Treasure Box construction
    • Finish 1/2 laps
    • Side and bottom pieces (maximize dimensions for efficient wood use)
    • Use the minimum number of pieces for less work and maximum wood utilization
  • Tue - Treasure Box construction
  • Wed - Treasure Box construction
    • work on the tops should start
  • Thu - Treasure Box construction
  • Fri - Treasure Box construction
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Nov 28-Dec 2 Treasure box 6

  • Mon - Treasure box construction continues
  • Tue - Treasure box construction continues
  • Wed - Treasure box construction continues
  • Thu - Treasure box construction
  • Fri - Treasure box construction
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Dec 5-9 Finish Treasure box 7

  • Mon - Treasure box construction wraps up this week
    • Our Treasure boxes will wrap up this week
    • Hinges - How do we install? - Demo
    • Finish - If you plan to finish your boxes, you will have to bring in the finish
    • Discussion of finishes
  • Tue - Treasure box construction
  • Wed - Treasure box construction
  • Thu - Treasure box construction
  • Fri - Treasure box construction wraps up
    • Summatives will begin next week
    • Please finish your treasure box reflections
    • If your treasure box isn't finished?
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Dec 12-16 Treasure box 8

  • Mon - End Tables
    • Please put finished treasure boxes upstairs in the mezzanine
    • Project description (4 Weeks!)
      • One week to design, three weeks to build
      • Features - top is approx 16" x 24", all four legs are tapered. Four gables attached to the legs with pocket screws. One side has a optional sliding drawer cost is $20 (constructed separately and installed last) need to purchase the drawer slides
      • Design includes research, procedure, Inventor drawings
      • Designs are due this Friday -
      • Complete Project Due Date - Fri Jan 20 (Two weeks from this Friday)
  • Tue - Treasure box construction
  • Wed - Treasure box construction
  • Thu - Treasure box construction
  • Fri - Treasure box construction finishes today
    • Summative begin Monday
    • Please see that your treasure box is upstairs in the mezzanine with your name
    • Please take home your toolboxes so that we have room for treasure boxes
    • If you are finished your treasure box
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Dec 19-23 Summative Start

  • Mon - Summative Introduce
    • Collapsible footstool
    • Design and Portfolio Setup
  • Tue - Design
  • Wed - Design
  • Thu - Design & stock prep if ready
  • Fri - Design & stock prep if ready
    • Merry Winter Break Secular Holiday formerly known as the Pagan solstice
  • tree2.jpg Have a FANTASTIC break. See you in 2017!
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Jan 9-13 Summative 2

  • Mon - Welcome Back
    • Portfolios and projects due Friday Jan 20 end of class 2 weeks away! There can be no extensions as our new semester starts immediately after this one.
    • Summative Construction
  • Tue - Summative Construction
  • Wed - Summative construction
  • Thu - Construction
  • Fri - Construction
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Jan 16-20 Finish Summative 3

  • Mon - Continue working on our summative project
  • Tue - Summative
  • Wed - Summative
    • Please Note: All work must be finished on the projects by
    • Portfolio wrap up will take place on
    • Take a look at all your projects on the portfolio and make sure the picture is complete!
    • Portfolios and projects due end of class (No extensions)
  • Thu - Summative
  • Fri - Summatives due today
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Jan 23 Finals

  • Mon - Last Day of semester - Please see that the portfolios are complete and your completed projects are upstairs in the Mezzanine with your names on them.
  • Good luck on your exams!!