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Feb 1-2 Intro + Drawing

  • Thu - Welcome to TDJ3M - Introductions
    • This site will serve as our course guide. Please Bookmark it. (Login to Chrome)
      • Our Motto: "I hear, I forget. I see, I understand. I do, I remember."
      • General Concept: Design + Build. [RDR] - Research, Design (plan, procedure), Reflect.
    • Course Outline
    • Requirements:
      • School email address and Password. USB?
      • A Pencil is required EVERYDAY
        • House rules:
        1. Get here on time,
        2. No food or drinks @ computer,
        3. Put your phones away in class
        4. Book bags and bulky coats are left at the door (to the right hand side)
        5. If I'm in the shop, you're in the shop
        6. Everybody cleans up
      • Projects - Portfolio - Assessment - Practical matters (Project Lates and Deadlines)
      • Please pick a spot to work and keep that seat for the semester - These machines are "off grid" so to speak - They save locally(D:\) not on the school network. Please understand where they are saving work or I promise you, you will lose it!
  • Fri - Getting started - IKEA
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Feb 5-9 Portfolios - Toolboxes

  • Mon - Drawing
    • Exercises -Making plans- drawings
    • Using 30-60-90 Triangles for Isometric Drawings (Tutorial on the board)
    • Drawing Package - Please complete drawing ___
    • The isometric Quiz drawing
  • Tue - Our First project - Let's get started
    • Orthographic Drawing practice - picking a scale, spacing the views, using a mitre line, dimensioning
    • Inventor Tutorial - Let's refresh our knowledge of Inventor
  • Wed - Portfolio Setup and Drawing (Cont'd)
    • Setting up a Google Portfolio
    • Please bookmark this page in Chrome (your browser) 11_Class Agenda
      • Create your portfolio website in Google Docs at JMSS
      • Use the TDJ3M template ONLY! - Please Do NOT apply a theme!
      • Setup a shell for your projects (Toolbox Project 1 - Research, Design, Reflection)
      • Please share your site with me and make me co-owner with edit privelage
      • EMAIL me an invitation (mark.blaisdell@ocdsb.ca)
  • Thu - Please continue Inventor and making portfolios
    • Please Send me the URL of your web portfolio so I can link it to our class page
    • Exercises -Making plans- drawings #2, 4, 7, and 10 (Given the isometric, make the 3 orthographic views)
  • Fri - Inventor Toilet paper dispenser and Portfolios
    • Please complete making and editing your portfolio
    • Please upload your TP dispenser to a new page called "Inventor" under the Home page
    • Screen shot
    • Safety begins Monday
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Feb 12-16 Safety 1

  • Mon - Band saw and Drill press Safety
    • Our Safety test will be next Thursday - You need an 85% to be able to work in the shop. If not, you rewrite. ONLY your original score is counted in your mark. Each additional test re-write lowers your mark 10%.
    • Safety First - Watch this
    • Band saw
    • Band saw Video
    • Drill press
    • Drill Press Video
  • Tue - Course selection presentation
  • Wed -Safety - Planer and the Jointer
    • Sanders and Mitre saw safety
    • notes and video and demo in the shop Sanders and Mitre Saw
      • safety notes and video and demo in the shop
    • Sanders (Disc\Belt\Spindle)
  • Thu - Safety - Scroll Saw and General Safety - Please make a Safety Notes Page with 10 safety rules for each of the tools we have covered (Bandsaw, drill press, planer, jointer, miter saw and sanders. Add Scroll saw and general safety (see below). Your notes should be in your own words and should be the best 10 rules (not just "Wear safety glasses...")
    • You may want to create a portfolio page for safety or create a Google document and link it to your portfolio
    • I'm going to collect these notes before writing the safety test!
    • Sanders and Mitre saw safety
    • Scroll Saw
    • General Safety
  • Safety videos
  • Safety - Let's watch some video.
  • Have a great long weekend!
  • Fri - PA Day
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Feb 19-23 Safety 2

  • Mon - Family Day
  • Tue - Sanders and Mitre saw safety
  • Wed -Tablesaw Safety and Toolbox designs - Post to your portfolios
  • Wed - Safety Review (Please continue your notes - These will be collected before the test)
    • Introduce the Toolbox project
    • Drawing by hand begins
      • Drawing the ISOMETRIC drawing with 30-60-90 triangles - Demo on board
  • Thu - Safety Test Day (Please print out and hand in your 10 safety rules for each tool x 9 tools)
  • Fri - Continue Toolbox drawings
    • Hand drawn drawings due Wednesday Feb 28
    • Continue work on your Toolbox drawings
    • You will need to bring in an old broom handle if you don't want to use a hardwood branch (aim for straight and at least 1 1/2 " diameter at the smallest end; length 3' (36") minimum. This will be your toolbox handle
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Feb 26-Mar 2 Toolbox Design 1

  • Mon - Toolbox design continues
    • Congratulations! ALL who wrote on Friday passed the safety test
    • Safety test write for those absent Friday
    • Begin drawing the toolbox - Using the 30-60-90 triangles demo on board (Picking a scale, spacing the views, line weights, dimensions, title box, placement of the views,...)
    • Hand drawings due Thursday
  • Tue - Continue drawing toolboxes
    • When finished you may start Inventor drawings. You need Inventor drawings for both:
      • Standard (unmodified) Toolbox
      • Toolbox with modifications
      • Please complete the portfolio (Research, Plans and Procedure as well!)
  • Wed - Toolbox drawings (Hand drawn) are due tomorrow!
    • Toolbox design Inventor Continues
  • Thu - Toolbox design continues On the computer
    • Safety tests: (Ashton, Brent, Tyler, Antonio)
    • Hand drawings are due today at the end of class
    • Please do not forget to upload your toilet roll dispensor (several portfolios are missing TP dispensors)
  • Fri - Toolbox designs due date Wednesday Mar 5 (Inventor and Portfolio Complete)
    • (Assignments late-not handed in receive a mark of 0% and get an alternate assignment (due one week later - after March break)
    • Construction begins Thursday
    • Everyone will be in the shop on Thursday - drawings finished or not.
    • Your portfolio should be complete (except reflections) end of class Wednesday.
    • Wednesday is the drop dead due date!
    • Please get drawings and portfolio in on time!!
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Mar 5-9 Toolbox Design 2

  • Mon - Toolbox design finishing up
  • Tue - Toolbox design finishing up
  • Wed - Toolbox design Due date - Portfolio is due today (Original and modified toolbox)
    • Cutting Sandpaper
    • Clean up
  • Thu - Preparing stock (Bottoms, gables, sides)
  • Fri - ALL portfolio components must be completed today - Anything not completed will be marked as such - The alternate assignment will be assigned Monday Mar 19 and will be due Mar 26 (1 week)
    • We will start construction in earnest on our return from break - EVERYTHING must be completed by the END OF THE PERIOD:
      • Introduction
      • Research (How did you decide size and what modifications you will build) Pictures, pro's con's
      • Design (Plans AND Procedure list with enough details to build!)
    • REMOVE all generic text and instructions
  • Have a great March break

Mar 12-16 - - - - S P R I N G B R E A K - - - - -
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Mar 19-23 Toolbox Construction 1

  • Mon - Toolbox construction
    • Gables are 3/4" plywood - Please know your exact dimensions when we go into the shop.
  • Tue - Toolbox construction
    • Gable prep finishes
  • Wed - Toolbox construction
    • Creating Handles from branches tuturial
  • Thu - Toolbox construction
    • Using a Spokeshave tutorial
  • Fri - Toolbox construction
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Mar 26-30 Toolbox Construction 2

  • Mon - Toolboxes - Construction continues
  • Tue - Toolboxes - Construction continues
  • Wed - Toolboxes - Construction continues
  • Thu - Toolboxes - Construction continues
  • Fri - Good Friday - OFF
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Apr 2-6 Toolbox Construction 3

  • Mon - Easter Monday - Off
  • Tue - Toolboxes
  • Wed - Toolboxes
  • Thu - Toolbox Wrap-up day
    • Please be sure to put your finished toolbox in the Mezzanine area with your name clearly pencilled in somewhere obvious
    • Please complete your REFLECTIONS in your portfolio with a PHOTO of your completed box
      • Make sure your other pages are complete for the toolbox (design, research etc...)
  • Fri - Begin the Designs of Cash or Treasure Box project
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Apr 9-13 Tool Box Finish

  • Mon - Toolbox construction coming to an end
    • Reflections, reflections, reflections...! please complete on portfolio
    • What went well, what didn't go well, what did you learn?
    • Finished toolboxes go upstairs on the mezzanine table with your name pencilled in
    • If you are finished ALL of your portfolio (incl. Reflections), you may setup your portfolio for the cash or Treasure box. Following that, start taking off measurements from the example and draw in Inventor
  • Tue - Toolboxes
    • Portfolios with reflection and photo should be complete when you finish
    • Continue Treasure box Research, designs (Inventor) and procedure list
    • Cut list required for All parts - Length x width x thickness
  • Wed - Last day for toolboxes (in the shop)
    • Continue to take off measurements and edit your portfolios
    • Portfolio with Reflections are due as well
    • Please be sure to include a photo of your Toolbox on the Reflection page
  • Thu - Cash Box or Treasure box drawings begin today
    • Cash Box designs
    • See here Treasure box (Please note: $20 material surcharge for Treasure Box) You do not have to build it. You may make the cash box instead.)
    • You should read the description, study the examples Box in the class room, and begin drawing in Inventor.
    • You may want to name and measure all the parts by hand on a sheet of paper before drawing in Inventor
      • Describe the construction process and joinery ( half-lap, hinges, gables,...)
      • Create the portfolio pages
      • Begin Designing (Inventor)
    • Cut list required for All parts - Length x width x thickness
    • Your portfolio should have Research (handles, anything custom, etc), Drawings and Procedure list as well as a cut list [4 pieces @ 2" x 12", 4 pieces @ 2" x 15.25", etc]
  • Fri - decision day Cash or Treasure ($20 due if you're building Treasure box)
    • Last day to decide on treasure box designs
    • Drawings and Portfolio are due for the Cash or Treasure Box ASAP
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Apr 16-20 Treasure Box 1

  • Mon - Cash and or Treasure box design
  • Tue - Design day and decision day - Which are you building?
  • Wed - Drawings and designing day
    • A cut list is required for the treasure box to go into the shop
    • Lay out your pieces and determine how you will cut them from 1" x 4" pine we use in the shop
    • Paper copy required
  • Thu - Design in the classroom
    • Your portfolio and designs (plans and procedure must be done by Monday)
    • Please finish drawings, Cut list, Portfolios
    • You need to take responsibility to know how to build what you have designed!@!!!
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Apr 23-27 Treasure Box 2

  • Mon - Treasure Box construction
    • half-lap tutorial (dado saw) Let's watch this 6:00min video
      • A cut list is required for the treasure box to go into the shop
      • If you're building the Treasure Box your $20 is due
      • If you're building the Cash Box AND CNC'ing the top that needs to be done Now (not when we're in the shop.)
    • Side and bottom pieces (maximize dimensions for efficient wood use)
    • Use the minimum number of pieces for less work and maximum wood utilization
    • All Designs are due today end of period - Portfolios are due as well (Research, Procedure, Plans(Drawing File with dimensions) uploaded and printed, Cut list)
    • Portfolio AUDIT
  • Tue - Treasure Box construction - Please have your plans and cut list printed
  • Wed - Treasure Box construction
  • Thu - Treasure Box construction
  • Fri - PA Day
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Apr 30-May 4 Treasure box 3

  • Mon - Treasure box construction continues
  • Tue - Classroom Day - Due to the Grade 7 Cedarview visit - Please complete the Material estimates for items 1-4 in the attached link. Hand in to the supply teacher before you leave! Make sure your name is on your paper. Please be sure to clearly show all your steps in how you calculated your wood requirements and cost (based on $3.25/ board foot). Also please be sure to list Project #1, Project #2, etc. Incomplete, disorganized or illegible work will be not be marked (e.g. Mark of 0%)
  • Wed - Treasure box construction continues
  • Thu - Treasure box construction
  • Fri - Treasure box construction
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May 7-11 Finish Treasure box 4

  • Mon - Treasure box construction continues
  • Tue - Classroom day - Please complete the following assignment given to you by the supply teacher. This is a Test used for entering the Apprenticeship program by the Carpenters Union. All Apprentices must pass this test to begin their Certification. How well can you do? Show all work and Work neatly. If I can't read it or follow your logic, No marks will be given.
    • Hand in to the supply teacher before you leave! Make sure your name is on your paper.
    • As well please complete any incomplete portfolio portions from previous projects.
  • Wed -Treasure box construction
  • Thu - Treasure box construction
  • Fri - Treasure box (All box) construction wraps up next week.
    • Summatives will begin next week
    • Please finish your treasure box reflection
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May 14-18 End Tables Begin 1

  • Mon - Summatives and Treasure boxes
    • Please put finished treasure boxes upstairs in the mezzanine
      • One week to design, four weeks to build
      • Features - top is approx 16" x 24", all four legs are tapered. Four gables attached to the legs with pocket screws.
      • Design includes research, procedure, Inventor drawings
      • Designs are due this Friday - posted to your portfolio - You must draw YOUR OWN plans
      • If you choose not to draw the plans you, may construct the foot stool
      • All Projects are Due - Friday June 15 - There will be NO late time or extensions.
  • Tue - Treasure box construction
    • Please see me if you are entirely done your treasure box.
  • Wed - Treasure box construction
  • Thu - Treasure box construction
  • Fri - Treasure box construction finishes today
    • Please see that your treasure box is upstairs in the mezzanine with your name
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May 21-25 Summative 1

  • Mon - Victoria Day OFF
  • Tue - Let's finish off the treasure box + Memory boxes
    • Design for summative
      • Either the Collapsible footstool or End Table (On my discretion, based on your past project completion history) - I will come and see you about which project you should do
      • If You have the green light for the end table, your portfolio must be complete by Friday
    • All Cash and Treasure boxes should be upstairs in the mezanine - End of Class Wednesday
  • Wed - LAST day in the shop for Memory and Treasure Box
    • Design day for Summative
  • Thu - Design
  • Fri - Summative - if you are doing the End Table (by permission) Your design drawings and Portfolio must be done TODAY - Three weeks in the shop is the bare minimum to complete this project
    • Either the Collapsible footstool or End Table (On my discretion, based on your project completion history)
    • Design and Portfolio Setup for summative finishes today
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May 28-Jun 1 Summative 2

  • Mon - Summative construction begins
    • EVERYONE is in the shop for "Summative construction"
    • Your summatives are due (mezzanine) Fri Jun 15. Projects are due at the end of class Fri Jun 15
  • Tue - Summative construction
  • Wed - Summative construction
  • Thu - Construction
  • Fri - Construction
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Jun 4-8 Summative 3

  • Mon - Continue working on our summative project
  • Tue - Summative
  • Wed - Summative
    • Please Note: All work must be finished on the projects by Fri Jun 15
    • Portfolio wrap up will take place on Wed and shop clean-up
    • Take a look at all your projects on the portfolio and make sure the picture is complete!
    • Portfolios and projects due end of class Next Friday Jun 15 (No extensions)
  • Thu - Summative
  • Fri - Summatives
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Jun 11-15 Summative 4

  • Mon - Summatives
  • Tue - Projects due Friday end of class
    • Please see that the portfolios are complete and your completed projects are upstairs in the Mezzanine with your names on them.
    • Continue work on summatives
  • Wed - Summatives
  • Thu - Summatives
  • Fri - LAST DAY for Projects - Everything is due today - end of class
    • Please put ALL projects in the Mezannine with your name clearly on them for marking
    • If it is not in the mezannine, it won't be marked!
    • Good luck on your exams!!