Footstool Project

A footstool is a very handy object. In this project we'll create a small footstool similar to the ones depicted below. These may be used for sitting, placing one's feet say, as an ottoman, or for standing to reach a high object.

The challenge to this project will be making your joints sturdy and at the same time, making the seating surface comfortable to sit on. For instance, consider the stool on the RHS. A simple stool like this may be covered with a variety of seat materials: Sea Grass, Nylon webbing, fabric, a foam cushion covered with fabric, woven string, woven rope, etc. The possibilities are endless. Be Creative!

Constraints and Requirements
  1. Anything that you design must be able to be built with the materials that we have on hand or that you bring in. You will receive exactly 4 linear feet of 1 x 6 pine. In the event that our lumber is 1" x 4", you will receive the same amount of lumber (2 sq. Ft) e.g. 6 linear ft of 1 x 4 lumber. This is your material constraint; No more!!
  2. You must have the skills to complete your design and build in the time on hand (i.e. before the due date).
  3. Start with a stool that you find attractive and comfortable. Take ALL its measurements (height, height of seat, seating area, etc.)
  4. Consider building the frame and adding the seat bottom and back as an insert or with another material (sea grass, nylon webbing, etc)
  5. Do some thorough research. I've posted some links below. If you see a design you like, make your own version of it - don't rip it off (that's called plagiarism!) Post to your portfolio your evidence of research (How you decided to do what you're about to do).
  6. Keep it simple; It doesn't have to be weird to be comfortable.
  7. We are looking for good build quality (sturdy joinery and durable), comfort, simplicity, meeting the material constraints and aesthetics.
  8. You must show evidence of research, a complete design in Inventor, include a detailed material list and procedure list for construction, and finally show a photo of YOUR completed chair in your portfolio. Portfolio should include all of the above.
This handout specifically for the grade 11/12 courses -
For how to weave a seat: Try this
or this

For a description of how to make a simple hardwood footstool see this excellent Fine Homebuilding link.