What would you like your house to look like?
  • What are the most important features? Consider the resale value...house.jpg
  • How big should it be? This will effect your house taxes, costs to build, heat, etc.
  • What style should it be?
  • Canadian's houses are shrinking indeed!

Here is your chance to design your own home. In this project you will design your 1600 square foot house. You may choose to use Inventor, SketchUp or AutoCAD to represent your design.
You must include:
  1. A first floor plan showing all relevant features (doors, windows, appliances, etc) using the correct symbols for each (to scale, say 1/4" to the foot)
  2. A foundation plan
  3. An elevation drawing (pick the most informative side) to scale
  4. A list of the features you have incorporated as well as any other details which might make your house sellable on the resale market (e.g. heating system type, verandas, patios, etc)
Post your finished drawings to your web portfolio under a project "House Design"