Project Deadlines

Projects are assessed on the basis of Computer Drawings (Inventor) and Actual physical project construction; A mark is generated and recorded for each (50% Portfolio and 50% Project).

For any given project a deadline for the drawings will be set. "Drawings" include the portfolio portion of the project and consist of:
  • Research - The answers to the questions about your design decisions: modifications, customizations or any decisions that must be made prior to construction
  • Design - Includes two parts: 1.)The orthographic drawing showing Front, Top, Right hand sides (with dimensions) and Isometric view of all parts to be built and 2.) The Procedure list: Steps and order of operations including the tools required to build your project
  • Reflection - A summary of what you've learned completing each project. The Reflection is the ONLY part completed AFTER the physical project is handed in.

If the computer drawings portion of the project is not on the portfolio by the DUE DATE, you will receive a zero for this portion of the work. You will then complete an alternate assignment which will consist of Hand drawings of the same project to be handed in within a week of the original deadline. You will go into the shop with the rest of the class at the original deadline and complete these drawings on your own time, while constructing the project in the shop during class time. If you hand the hand drawings in by the week extension, you will then get a mark for the portfolio portion. Otherwise the mark of zero for the original portfolio will stand.

The breakdown for marks is 50% Portfolio and 50% Actual Project.