Wood Technology Presentation

Two students will present each Friday - See the schedule at the front of the room to sign up (under thermostat)

Educate yourself:
  • Wood stability - moisture content, strength and mechanical properties
  • Glue types - What's the difference?
  • Forces required to cut wood (as a function of grain direction)
  • Wood Species, properties and uses
  • Making Lumber and types of sawing
  • History of Woodworking technology (e.g. wood building techniques)
  • Wood harvesting
  • How to stock your first basic toolbox
  • Wood future sustainability
  • Finishing Techniques
  • Innovative uses of wood
  • New Tool technologies
  • Which plane does what?
  • Lamination
  • Uses of Wood in the future?
  • Marquetry
  • Wood moisture content and why it's important
  • Wood producing countries - which wood, where?
  • Woodworking Careers - What can you do with 'wood' skills
  • Woodworking Education (Degrees, Training programs, etc)
  • Famous Woodworkers and their work
  • Useful or interesting Woodworking techniques
  • New technologies in wood treatment (finishing)
  • Development of wood working tools - history
  • How to sharpen a hand saw
  • How to clean and care for files
  • Sharpening techniques for planes and chisels
  • Wood selection
  • New technology in Chainsaws
  • Wood harvesting history
  • How to setup a woodshop
Pick a topic above. Educate yourself. Prepare a lesson for the class (on your portfolio). Present to the class (10 min max.)