Throughout the ages man has struggled with the problem of how to design the perfect living space. The design challenge is a function of climate, space, available materials and other factors (need for security, energy usage, etc.) The links below will provide some design considerations for the modern Canadian climate. Also is a brief description of two types of common framing methods; 2 x 4 wall or Post and Beam construction.

Typical Stud Wall Framing Construction

This powerpoint player file is an overview

How is a 2 x 4 stud frame house constructed? It starts with the fundamental piece, the 2 x 4 wall frame.
Watch this Youtube video to see how a wall is framed

To understand the construction method we need to understand some wall vocabulary (Note: the graphic shows 24" stud spacing - 16" is code!)
Please note the end of wall details - helps attach at the corners.

This powerpoint slideshow covers basics of drafting proper floor plans

Typical Post & Beam Wall Construction

The files below describe more specific sizing and design considerations
Some Design Considerations

More Design Considerations

Sizing Guidelines

Living Space

Common Furniture Sizes